In our annual employee evaluation for continual improvement, we asked our homemakers the following question: What do you like most about caregiving? The following responses reflected their professional, caring, heart-felt and altruistic attitudes about their clients.

“What I like best is being able to help out and making sure I’ve helped out the best I can. I want to take all available classes that you offer to ensure I am offering the best” – Desiree T.

“What I like most is helping those who cannot help themselves” – Elijah R.

“Realizing that somebody needs a little bit of help and the appreciation that goes both ways. When I see my client suffer it opens up my heart” – Ralph H.

“I enjoy the hands-on aspect of care. I get to be around people and I think they enjoy having me around too” – Cheyenne S.

“I enjoy giving hand to those who cannot do things they were once able to do for themselves” – Danielle G.

“I like cooking and taking care of people that need help” – Mary V.

“It’s nice helping people and being there for someone who needs your help” – Ruby B.

“I like the relationship I’ve created and developed with some of my clients. I always look for ways to improve them everyday” – Maxine B.

“I enjoy making sure that my client is fed good food, has a clean house and that I am there being a good friend” – Lourdes Z.